• BCSA105

    Thanks to the UNICORE Process, Access ropes reach a new level in security. In effect, the UNICORE Process integral to this 10.5 mm rope will secure most delicate operations, whilst retaining lightness and flexibility. Thanks to the UNICORE Process, Access...

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  • BCSI11

    An ideal rope with no diameter restrictions for security in work at height. An ideal rope with no diameter...

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    Handled ascender with ergonomic design to aid rope ascents with one or two hands. Strong points Can be used to compliment the HOLD UP chest ascender or any other ascender for rope ascents Large lower attachment hole easily accommodates the... Handled ascender with ergonomic...

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    Secure and optimize the organization of the workstation

    Products within the WORK STATION range provide a complete solution for attaching and organising a work station. Different products from the range can be combined in a modular way to suit the work environment and users’ needs: builders, rope access technicians, craftsmen…

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