• BCSRR105

    A specialist rope for rescues in low light conditions. Highly visible as soon as a light source is pointed towards it thanks to a reflective yarn that is woven through the sheath. Warning The reflective yarn is very fragile and wears rapidly when subjected to abrasion, although it maintains its reflective properties. Its wear does not affect the rope’s... A specialist rope for rescues in low...

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  • BHPHO1

    A fall arrest and work positioning harness. A fall arrest and work positioning harness with ascender to aid rope ascents. The harness is equipped with the HOLD UP compact chest ascender that is optimised for ascending ropes. The HOLD UP is designed to stay parallel to the user’s body allowing the rope to slide easily through the device, making it... A fall arrest and work positioning...

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  • BKPS


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    Handled ascender with ergonomic design to aid rope ascents with one or two hands. Strong points Can be used to compliment the HOLD UP chest ascender or any other ascender for rope ascents Large lower attachment hole easily accommodates the connector for the AIR STEP foot loop. The ascender’s shape allows it to be held with two hands when ascending... Handled ascender with ergonomic...

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    Secure and optimize the organization of the workstation

    Products within the WORK STATION range provide a complete solution for attaching and organising a work station. Different products from the range can be combined in a modular way to suit the work environment and users’ needs: builders, rope access technicians, craftsmen…

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