Durability of ropes

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The durability of a rope depends above all on the way it is used, but also on numerous technical factors: The quality of yarn used ; the compactness of the rope ; its suppleness ; the braiding of the filaments of the sheath ; their twist ; their number ; the number of braids…

One other factor plays a particularly important role: the thickness of the sheath. You can check the quantity of sheath in BEAL ropes thanks to the percentage shown at the side of this pictogram..

Lifetime of BEAL metallic PPE

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The lifetime of metal PPE is not limited.

Attention :

This is the potential lifetime in use. A metal item of PPE may be destroyed during its very first use. It’s inspection and control which determine if the product must be scrapped earlier. Between uses, appropriate storage is essential.

Lifetime of BEAL plastic and textile PPE

5 years storage time

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In good storage conditions plastic and textile BEAL PPE may be stored for up to 5 years before first use, without affecting their future lifetime in use.

10 years lifetime in usen

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The potential lifetime of plastic and textile BEAL PPE in use is up to a maximum of 10 years.

15 years lifetime

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The maximum lifetime of plastic and textile BEAL PPE is up to 15 years. Lifetime = Time in storage + time in use.

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