Ropes resistant to hight temperatures


Effect of hight temperatures on ARAMID

The resistance of Aramid to high temperatures is best illustrated by the graph illustrating the residual strength after exposure to raised temperatures. Thus we may for example see that after 10 hours of exposure at 200° C it retains 100 % of its strength, or that after 1 hour at 350° C it retains 90 % of its strength.

Test with blowtorch

Semi-static rope holding a mass of 100 kg exposed to a temperature of 400° C (+ or- 50° C) for 15 minutes:

Results :

  • Classic 11 mm rope: Break after around 40 seconds.
  • RAIDER 11 mm rope: Residual strength around 1500 daN after 15 minutes.
  • RAIDER TACTIC 11 mm rope: residual strength around 1000 daN after 15 minutes.

Test against a red hot bar

The rope supports a 100 kg mass. It is held clear of a 25 mm bar heated red-hot. It is released against the bar and the time to rupture measured.

Results :

  • Classic 11 mm rope: 3 seconds
  • HOTLINE 11 mm: 5 seconds
  • RAIDER TACTIC 11 mm: 8 seconds
  • RAIDER 11 mm: 18 seconds

Chemical resistance of ARAMID yarn


(exposure for 100 hours)