Bags for carrying small tools and fastenings. The clic clac express closure stops the pocket contents getting lost. A magnetic plate allows temporary storage on the outside of the pocket. Available as a single pocket and an assembly of 3 with... Bags for carrying small tools and...

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  • BHPY

    Lightweight and adjustable Y-shaped chest harness compatible with HERO SIT and SHAOLIN sit harnesses. Comfortable and easy to fit, it ensures the user remains in an upright position during a fall. STRONG POINTS SHAPE Lightweight Adjustments... Lightweight and adjustable Y-shaped...

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  • BCSI11

    An ideal rope with no diameter restrictions for security in work at height. An ideal rope with no diameter...

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  • BHPSH1

    A lightweight fall arrest and work positioning harness. STRONG POINTS COMFORT This harness benefits from new technology in the PRO range: WEB CORE technology provides exceptional levels of comfort thanks to optimal pressure distribution on hips... A lightweight fall arrest and work...

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    Secure and optimize the organization of the workstation

    Products within the WORK STATION range provide a complete solution for attaching and organising a work station. Different products from the range can be combined in a modular way to suit the work environment and users’ needs: builders, rope access technicians, craftsmen…

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